It all start off in 5th grade. I was walking with my mother out the front door of my school and during that time my principal approached my mother and asked me if I wanted to join Denver achievement academy. A program based to teach young children the art of sports and the importance of education. That’s when I meet Simon Peter O'Hanlon at first I didn’t know this individual than he introduce me the most wonderful intelligent person Cindy Van Cise. I never knew meeting them would have an impact on my life. So started our friendship. I learned so much from both. That I started to like  ms Cindy and mr Simon and their motivation of successes. When I was younger I would push mr Simons buttons to a point where he would burst out of anger. But when I started to grow up i would ask them for advice. They would give me the best life lessons ever. Mr Simon became a mentor of mine he showed me that I had to focus on my education. I have so many opportunities in life to do so. He would be the best coach I had I my childhood. It would be difficult to move forward in life with out your support but I will always carry the character and wisdom card you gave me while back in my wallet and will follow those rules. Mr Simon helped me in financial and personal issues I had growing up. You showed me so much and made me laugh so many times aswell. I hope that in the future we can meet again. Getting the news was so hard, knowing i was the last of your students to visit you and talking to ms.cindy that day was just unforgettable. The advice you gave me that day I would always cherish in my heart. Thanks for always helping me out in time of need mr Simon. I will miss you throughout my life. The legacy mr Simon left would always live in my memories. Mr Simon I hope you Rest In Peace knowing you left an ideal in so many children to not give up but to fight your way through. Mr Simon thanks for not giving up on me and ms Cindy I will always be by your side thanks for always believing in me I love you both with my heart.

Carlos Castillo