DAA's Mission

DAA's mission is achieved by partnering with the schools, recreation centers and the Boys and Girls Clubs. Our partners are located in an area where students and families have a great need for opportunities, support, and resources in order to realize success in life. DAA also connects with the Denver Scholarship Foundation to complement coaching provided to high school students related to the college application process.

We are dedicated to launching underserved students on a pathway to success in life by enhancing academic achievement through expanding knowledge, forging character, and providing service to others.


DAA facilitates the successful launch of under served, vulnerable students onto a pathway of success through the provision of multi-modal programming featuring academic tutoring, opportunities to build competitive proficiency in sports-for-life and experience personal growth through service projects. Family members have access to resources, training in advocacy and entrepreneurship education. Students learn and find a safe haven in the program while serving others.


Students participating in our program experience continuous engagement as we form strong relationships with them and the adults in their lives. Initial contact takes place when students are in early elementary and continues over an eight-year period until they graduate from high school. DAA places emphasis on the student in a goal centered environment that ensures successful realization of our mission of enhancing academic achievement.

Students are exposed to 90 minutes of academic tutoring each week provided by experienced educators and volunteers three days per week during the academic school-year.  Sports-for-life training occurs once all academic requirements are met.

Local coaches and athletic champions are recruited to work with students in the area of athletics. Students must participate in community service-oriented field trips once a month. Families have access to resources that are provided on an "as needed" basis to assist students and family members in overcoming barriers or challenges impacting academic success.

During the summer months, students participate in swim lessons (proficiency must be achieved prior to participating in kayaking when weather permits), field trips and a math camp hosted by the Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists.

Upon entering high school students are coached to continue academic achievement, apply for college and submit applications for scholarships. Our partnership with the Denver Scholarship Foundation is essential to this aspect of programming. 

Alumni high school students attend DAA reunions over the summer and volunteered at events designed to bring in much needed funds. Many graduates spoke to the impact DAA is having on their lives and the desire to be more closely connected with other students and DAA tutors while in high school. 

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