Get involved with volunteering and learn more about DAA's activities. Volunteers receive the satisfaction of contributing to something important and useful. There are many benefits of offering your time and unique talents to under served students. Additionally we provide college prep and financial information for post high school education 10th through 12th grades, with several seminars each year:


                                                   > Make a difference.   

                                                   > Be of service to others.  

                                                   > Have fun.  

                                                   > Continue to remain active after retirement.  

                                                   > Learn new skills.


Sometimes we all need a helping hand with our classwork. Unfortunately, for many students that helping hand isn’t readily available. By volunteering with the Denver Achievement Academy as a tutor you will be making a tremendous difference in the lives of our students by helping them achieve more in school and by showing them that learning, no matter how challenging it may be, can also be fun!

Our 5th to 7th grade students often struggle with things like reading, writing, and arithmetic, and generally just need a bright and caring person to devote a little extra time to helping them get it right.


The most important qualification for our tutors is not a teaching degree but a patient mind and an open heart. And our students aren’t the only ones who will benefit from your tutoring. Frankly, there is no greater joy than seeing a struggling student finally master a challenging concept thanks to your guidance. Tutoring may seem like a lot of work, but the payoff is absolutely worth it!


We all have those special people who, at one point or another in our lives, took it upon themselves to give us the support and guidance we needed to get through a particularly challenging time. By setting a positive example for us to emulate, these individuals taught us new things about ourselves and the world at large that made us more confident to face those inevitable difficulties that life throws at us from time to time.

At Denver Achievement Academy, we are always looking for kind-hearted and responsible people to act as mentors for our students. For one reason or another, many of our children lack for positive role models in their lives. As a mentor, you will help our students learn more about themselves, how to behave responsibly and respectfully, how to gain self-confidence, and how to be a positive member of their community.​


One of the cornerstones of the Denver Achievement Academy is our belief that sports and other athletic activities can play a major, positive role in helping our students become successful, well-rounded individuals. The lessons our students learn from sports, including teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and a little bit of friendly competition are all important values they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

As a coach with the Denver Achievement Academy you will help our students learn not only about a particular sport or athletic activity, but also about those all-important underlying values that make sports so special and important for young adults to experience.

And frankly, who wouldn’t enjoy spending some quality time playing sports with an amazing group of students?​


At Denver Achievement Academy, we love taking our students to interesting and enriching places in the area. From museums to local bike shops, we believe our students can learn a great deal from the organizations and opportunities available in their local community.

As a Chaperone, you will accompany our students as they visit these important cultural, informational, and recreational venues and help them to better understand and appreciate all of the great things they’ll see. You can not only help us to keep them safe and respectful, but you can also give them context for, and insight into, the things they’ll learn and experience.


The Denver Achievement Academy provides its students with round-trip transportation to and from our Denver Public School partners to DAA facilities three times per week from 3:30 to 7:30pm. This transportation is absolutely vital for our students who otherwise would not be able to join us for our athletic and academic activities.


As a van driver, you will be responsible for safely transporting our precious students to and from school and around to our various activities. While it may not seem like the most glamorous job, our program would simply not function without our friendly and responsible van drivers. And our students are always appreciative and grateful for your hard work, so don’t be surprised if you make more than a few new best friends! 

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