Journey for Life

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Parents, The Denver Achievement Academy staff and volunteers, and student teammates each bring valued elements and a shared responsibility to the success of our journey.  The DAA stands ready to offer our student teammates a wealth of enriched learning experiences. Our curriculum includes the following major components:

Learning for Life:


The pursuit of academic excellence will constitute about a half of our daily schedule.  Each student teammate will learn the value of learning for life through opportunities to work on their homework with tutors and staff in a structured, nurturing, focused environment. 

Upon completion of one’s homework, each student teammate will either engage in an experiential, academic enrichment curriculum, designed to remediate areas that pose academic challenges for him/her or provide the student teammate with accelerated learning opportunities to help him/her rise to the next level.   Also, one may join a tutor and assist the learning of one of his/her student teammates. This aspect of our program is designed to help our student teammates enjoy real, tangible success, and appreciation for learning, not just during their careers at school, but for life.


Sports for Life:

DAA student teammates will receive expert coaching and instruction in basketball.  We will compete in area leagues, tournaments, and in the Denver Public Schools middle school conference.  The off-season will be devoted to player development, strength and conditioning, and basketball competition in various competitive programs.  Our emphasis will be on educating successful student athletes, who respect each other, their opponents, and the game.  Additionally, we will stress building teammates who value discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of striving to be your best.

We, also, plan to introduce our student teammates to other sports that they can learn and enjoy over their lifetimes: squash, racquet ball, swimming, bowling, yoga, etc.

Community Service for Life:

In cooperation with The Denver Achievement Academy staff and volunteers, our student teammates will help identify areas in the community where we can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Student teammates will help lead in the design and development of service programs that will enrich the lives of others.  We each have a treasure trove to share: ourselves, our good will, our talents, and our time.

Enrichment for Life:

Woven into The Denver Achievement Academy curriculum will be a myriad of enrichment programs designed to expand and broaden our student teammates’ lives:  activities in team building, making wise decisions using The Brain Wise Program, cultural activities (theatre, museums, concerts, etc.), developing critical thinking skills, instruction in etiquette and nutrition, leadership development (based on John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success), fun team trips to the mountains, hiking, and other enrichment activities.

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