The single, most important purpose of The Academy is to enhance the academic achievement of our students. “Success,” as defined by legendary basketball coach and teacher John Wooden, “is the peace of mind, which is the direct result in the self-satisfaction of knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” We strive to instill that profound understanding of success and achievement in each of our students.


We devote seventy-five minutes each day that we are in session to academic tutoring and enrichment. Our Academic Coordinator and volunteer tutors dedicate their efforts, one-on-one with each of our students to help the complete their daily homework, improve their writing skills, and master math.


Through the use of the students’ Premier Academic Planners, we help our students plan for their academic success by holding them accountable and teaching them to write down the homework assignments, track projects, and organize their days.


With the expert assistance of our academic advisory council we help prepare our students of their upcoming standardized tests (CSAP, SAT, ACT, etc.) Using former tests, we work on vocabulary building, critical thinking skills, and standardized testing strategies.

The research demonstrates unequivocally that, when students engage in at least forty-five minutes of physical activity a day, that activity facilitates the brain devel- opment that allows the student to achieve better academically. Taking that one step further, our students are trained by champions over the next four years in up to twenty sports for life. During that time, not only will they enjoy the benefits of physical activity, their brain development will benefit from training in myriad sports, learning varied physical and mental skills, strategies, and techniques for each sport.

Each class that enters our program commits to a minimum of 30 hours of community service per year. They will serve one community per year and change to a new community to serve each year. In high school students will expand their commitment to 50 hours per year. Our emphasis is on building relationships with members of the communities we serve over the course of the year, as well as experiences various service opportunities.

We are building an inventory of donated laptop computers to allow students to improve keyboarding skills, develop on-line research expertise, improve academic skills and research strategies, and evaluate fact from fiction as pertaining to the avalanche of information available on the web.

Also, through our partnership with the Rocky Mountain Food Bank we teach our students that “they are what they eat” and provide them with nutritious daily snacks and nutritional instruction.

In other words, we emphasize importance of proper nutrition and food choices and the measurable impact they have on our brain development and our ability to achieve academically.Students develop a practical, hands-on understanding of entrepreneurship and how they might create, develop, and pursue their own ideas and career employment opportunities. They learn about the how to use and control money in their lives: saving, investing, credit, and debt.


In addition, we plan numerous cultural excursions to museums, the theatre, musical/dance performances, and art exhibits. We, also, plan to afford our students travel and educational experiences to important cities, historical sites, and college campuses regionally and across the country with the purpose of expanding their horizons, increasing their intimacy with the greater world, and lifting their expectations of themselves.

In summary the programs include:

  • Students devote seventy-five minutes each day we are in session to academic tutoring and enrichment. Our goal is that homework is complete, correct, and understood.

  • Utilizing Premier Academic Planners, students are held accountable by com- pleting daily homework, tracking projects, and organizing their days.

  • Students prepare for standardized test by working on vocabulary building, critical thinking skills, and testing strategies.

  • Our goal is that each student enters high school with a new laptop computer.

  • Explore entrepreneurship and its opportunities and application in their lives.

  • Access resources that will enable our students maximize a myriad of aspirations and dreams they may pursue.

  • Students are trained over the next four years in up to 20 different sports for life in order to acquire a certain level of competitive competence in each sport.

  • Students participate in a minimum 30 hours of community service each year for a specific community each year.

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