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Supporting DAA just got easier! The State of Colorado has a new resource that allows taxpayers to donate funds from their state tax refund. The process is easy and painless. Simply complete the included Form DR 104CH designed for charitable donations for Colorado entities. 


Donations to DAA are welcomed and needed to keep the program running smoothly. Throughout the year students experience a wide variety of activities that enrich their lives and keep them engaged in educational endeavors. Funds are used to support sports for life activities, college prep sessions, and summer math bootcamp. DAA is grateful for contributors and volunteers supporting our mission and keeping the program afloat. Keep DAA in mind during the 2020 tax season and designate funds by using DAA’s registration number on Form DR 104CH.

Simon's Legacy Will Continue



You're Not Alone in This Crisis


Dear Denver Achievement Academy Students, Alumni, Family, Friends and Supporters,

I wanted to touch base with you to let you know you’re not alone during this difficult time.  We are all living with closed businesses, a lack of supplies, long lines, along with closed schools, churches and recreation centers. I can’t imagine the stress this is putting on you and your families.

The Denver Achievement Academy has suspended its activities at this time. I am sequestered in my home leaving only for the absolute necessities.  We are all hoping that the Coronavirus will be contained, vaccines found and a cure is made available, soon.  We believe that our supporters and friends are being diligent by staying home, washing hands regularly, refraining from touching the face and not gathering in groups in order to remain safe for ourselves and others we care about.

Continue to keep abreast of developments related to this monumental event that is impacting each and every one of us. The following websites are recommended as trusted sites for reliable news about COVID-19:

Tips to Stay Positive & Active During Social Distancing - Click Here




In all aspects of our program, The Denver Achievement Academy strives to teach and live by seven core values in order to enhance student achievement.

Parents, The Denver Achievement Academy staff and volunteers, and student teammates each bring valued elements and a shared responsibility to the success of our journey.  

For nearly a decade, co-founders of the Denver Achievement Academy provided mentoring services to over 100 students. Our kids come from Boys and Girls Clubs in northeast and northwest Denver.  All our students are from two elementary schools: Greenlee Elementary and Stedman Elementary (96% and 86% reduced and free lunches, respectively). 

Our Seven Promises to Parents and Students:

1. Caring adults to teach, tutor, and mentor

2. A safe learning environment

3. An emphasis on personal health and growth

4. Effective educational programs

5. Activities to serve others

6. Opportunities to learn and exercise leadership

7. A life path to achievement and success


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