In all aspects of our program, The Denver Achievement Academy strives to teach and live by seven core values in order to enhance student achievement.  The core values, symbolized by the acronym A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R., are pivotal, not only to the vibrancy and success of The Denver Achievement Academy, but especially to living a positive, purpose-filled life focused on living healthfully, learning for life, and providing service to others.  Each student will be encouraged to internalize these values as core principles in his/her life. 

Appreciation – It is with that attitude of gratitude that we show real appreciation for the opportunities The Academy  provides by participating fully and enthusiastically in all activities, by caring for the Denver Athletic Club and respecting her rules, and by sincerely thanking each volunteer, mentor, teacher, club staff and coaches for their commitment to you.

Compassion – We demonstrate true compassion for each other as friends, classmates, and teammates by looking out for each other, helping each other learn, holding each other accountable to do the right thing, by living and playing by the rules, and by sharing our talents to help others.

Honesty– Honesty ensures that The Academy remains a positive, peaceful, and productive environment in which each of us may excel.  Being honest builds character and allows us to thrive and is a cornerstone to living a successful life.

Imagination – Imagination propels us to become creative, alive with wonder, and great problem solvers and solution makers. It carries us beyond our current place in life toward our dreams and beyond our potential.  It allows us to open our minds, spread our wings, and soar to new heights here-to-fore thought unreachable.

Education– Education comes from the Latin word to lead.  It is througheducation that we become productive leaders and citizens in our community. Learning leads us to new discoveries, new solutions, and new hope for the future, and new challenges to be mastered. 

Vision – We value vision not only to see clearly the here and now but, more importantly, that which lies ahead.  When we open our minds to new experiences that are challenging, fruitful, and fulfilling our vision regarding our futures becomes clearer, more precise, and more rewarding.

Enthusiasm – Our enthusiasm changes lives and is one of our greatest gifts to each other and every person we touch.  It creates the fun and helps us enjoy each other, find joy in what we do, no matter how hard, mundane, or routine, and celebrate life. 

Respect – We Respect our selves, each other, our environment, the competitors we face, the lessons we learn, and the knowledge we gain.

Our Values