Our day begins the moment our student step on the bus.  Each student will have a Bridge Book of Academic activities.  They will complete as many activities as possible within the allotted time.  At the end of each week the Curriculum Director will collect each book and review the student’s work.  Much of the personalized tutorial instruction will be individualized based upon areas of concern as demonstrated by the student. 

An hour and a half each day is devoted to individualized tutoring:  helping the students understand and complete their homework assignments.  We will utilize DPS texts and resources to enhance and facilitate our tutoring efforts.

On those days when students have no or little homework, the Curriculum Director will have prepared guided mini-lessons that are targeted to improving three core areas of Academic Achievement: English Literacy (Reading and Writing), Mathematics Competency, and Science Enrichment.

Also, time each day will be devoted to guided and/or free reading and vocabulary development, and writing.  Language, language, language is the key to literacy.

Tutoring and academic enrichment