Research demonstrates that when students are physically active for at least 45 minutes a day their ability to enhance their academic achievement is measurably improved.  In light of that evidence, when students are trained in a various sports for life by champions in their respective sports, and students are challenged to excel to levels of competitive competence in each sport, their ability to achieve academically is even further enhanced. 

Supporting our primary objective of improving academic achievement, our mission includes leadership and character development, team and confidence building, fitness and skill development in several sports.  


Our calendar of sports includes:

Fitness Training  -  Basketball  - Badminton - Fishing - Alpine Sports -  Swimming
Table Tennis -  Racquet Ball - Peteca - Kayaking   Taekwondo - Golf - Yoga - Rock Climbing Bicycling - Hand Ball - Bowling - Boxing - Billiards -  Pool - Snooker

sports for life