We are dedicated to launching under-served students on a pathway to success in life by enhancing academic achievement through expanding knowledge, forging character, and providing service to others.

The mission is accomplished in partnership with the Denver Athletic Club in downtown Denver and the Vickers Boys and Girls Club located in an area where students and families have a great need for opportunities, support and resources in order to realize success in life. DAA also partners with the Denver Scholarship Foundation for assistance with college preparation and application.


DAA’s founders, Simon Peter O’Hanlon, recognized the need for children from neighborhoods he grew up in to experience academic enrichment, have access to sports training and be involved in service to others. Mr. O’Hanlon and his wife, Cindy Van Cise, embarked upon a mission of fulfilling these needs and established the Denver Achievement Academy. Each student will have a dedicated tutor along with access and opportunities that position them to be realize academic achievement and sports for life experiences.

Mission / Vision