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Our Seven Promises to Parents       and Students:




We need volunteers to become tutors, mentors, coaches, chaperones and van drivers. If you are interested please click below for more information and to complete an online application.

Journey for Life


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In Gratitude

We express our profound gratitude to The Denver Athletic Club for generously opening their magnificent facility and resources to our youth.  Our students, who otherwise may never experience the wealth of relationships, athletic experiences, and role models the DAC provides in abundance, are grateful for our partnership and for the graciousness of the members, board, and staff of the DAC. 

Parents, The Denver Achievement Academy staff and volunteers, and student teammates each bring valued elements and a shared responsibility to the success of our journey.  

1. Caring adults to teach, tutor, and mentor
2. A safe learning environment
3. An emphasis on personal health and growth
4. Effective educational programs
5. Activities to serve others
6. Opportunities to learn and exercise leadership
7. A life path to achievement and success

In all aspects of our program, The Denver Achievement Academy strives to teach and live by seven core values in order to enhance student achievement.


How You Can help our students achieve

Currently, in our second year, we serve 30 fifth and sixth grade students.  All our students are from two elementary schools: Greenlee Elementary and Stedman Elementary (96% and 86% reduced and free lunches, respectively). 

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Denver Athletic Club Tutoring & Athletic Activities

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